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Terra the Mawile by inviseon25 Terra the Mawile :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 4 2 Scarlet the fennekin by inviseon25 Scarlet the fennekin :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 4 1 Laukki the Ninetails by inviseon25 Laukki the Ninetails :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 3 3 Artic the Froslass by inviseon25 Artic the Froslass :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 1 5 Keira the Linoone by inviseon25 Keira the Linoone :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 0 0 Sino the Eevee by inviseon25 Sino the Eevee :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 2 0 Irissa the Milotic by inviseon25 Irissa the Milotic :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 1 0
Fluffy Quest
 Sino was walking around town looking for his sister. "I wonder where she went?"
 As he was walking around, he could feel a presence nearby that was following him.
Sino stopped and looked around wondering who was watching him.
When he looked around, no one was around but the city Pokemon who were on their daily duties.
Sino scratched his head in confusion, before he continued with his search for his sister.
As he continued on, the lingering feeling kept crawling back. But it was rather random in when it
would feel like he was being followed.
Sino was beginning to grow annoyed with the feeling of someone's eyes always on him so the moment he didn't feel them he quickly bolted into the nearest alleyway in an attempt to lose whoever his stalker was.
When he did, he could feel the presence was some closer. And in an instant, he felt his tail grabbed at and a loud purr behind himself.
Sino instantly freaked out and bolted out of the alleyway with whoever was grabbing his tail. "Aa
:iconinviseon25:inviseon25 4 4
Mature content
Pokemon Second Chances :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 1 0
The Fox and the Rabbit by inviseon25 The Fox and the Rabbit :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 1 0 Tama the fox by inviseon25 Tama the fox :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 3 0 Guardian by inviseon25 Guardian :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 1 0 Witch girl by inviseon25 Witch girl :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 0 0 Dragon by inviseon25 Dragon :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 0 0 Crying in the rain by inviseon25 Crying in the rain :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 2 0 Time to look fabulous by inviseon25 Time to look fabulous :iconinviseon25:inviseon25 4 0


Supah hewo by James-the-Typhlosion Supah hewo :iconjames-the-typhlosion:James-the-Typhlosion 15 15 Devin hates needles by James-the-Typhlosion Devin hates needles :iconjames-the-typhlosion:James-the-Typhlosion 15 15 Pokemon Trainer 8-page 069-- Closest Friend. by MisterPloxy Pokemon Trainer 8-page 069-- Closest Friend. :iconmisterploxy:MisterPloxy 125 57 Sign of Love by Skaterblog Sign of Love :iconskaterblog:Skaterblog 21 17 .VanossCrew: Bed time, Banana ride, Kiss me?.+ by Kintanga .VanossCrew: Bed time, Banana ride, Kiss me?.+ :iconkintanga:Kintanga 329 104 It's Coming... by NobleBlaze It's Coming... :iconnobleblaze:NobleBlaze 6 21 Not Yet by honrupi Not Yet :iconhonrupi:honrupi 438 68 Underwater? by Pyromaniac-Ryu Underwater? :iconpyromaniac-ryu:Pyromaniac-Ryu 1 2 ES: Q-19 by PKM-150 ES: Q-19 :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 168 104 ES: Chapter 4 -page 10- by PKM-150 ES: Chapter 4 -page 10- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 176 339 ES: Chapter 4 -page 5- by PKM-150 ES: Chapter 4 -page 5- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 182 172 ES: Chapter 3 -page 33- by PKM-150 ES: Chapter 3 -page 33- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 186 157 ES: Chapter 3 -page 25- by PKM-150 ES: Chapter 3 -page 25- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 154 96 Mooncheeks and Cleargaze by RakkuGuy Mooncheeks and Cleargaze :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 1,222 138 ES: Chapter 1 -page 35- by PKM-150 ES: Chapter 1 -page 35- :iconpkm-150:PKM-150 207 175 It's show time, darling! by Yakurine It's show time, darling! :iconyakurine:Yakurine 16 5


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United States
Thanks sis for saying my name >.> my last name shall forever be hidden

i like to sketch and write stories

Quote by watergod321: "Live your life to the tune in your head, do not falter to another's beat when you can raise the volume and harmonize in some length, find the common chords and create a new song together, one forged of your ever growing song of life"

MY family: :iconphantommom: :iconpyromaniac-ryu:/:iconasksallyandamel:

My best friends: :iconaxel230: :iconbubblesishot46853: :iconbuizel06: :icongoldiewishes::iconjames-the-typhlosion:

If you ever want to rp here is my Skype Inviseonteh Braixen


Scarlet the fennekin
Name: Scarlet Rose
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Move set: Psybeam, Protect, Flamethrower, Howl
Bio: Being the lost princess to a kingdom which was destroyed by Deoxys and leaving no survivors except her she now travels the world looking for a new purpose in life while keeping all her horrible memories suppressed in the back of her mind, Although she does suffer from P.T.S.D every now and then.
Personality: Kind at heart.

Update: Scarlet is mainly used for rp purposes so don't expect her to be in any stories >.> unless I decide otherwise
Keira the Linoone
Name: Keira Sky

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Bio: Since she was 5 she had to con and steal just to get by, but now that she is an adult she is trying to turn her life around from what she taught herself as a kid although she does gamble quite a lot which she knows isn't a healthy solution to her problems, but it keeps her from stealing and conning others. She also met Irissa when she was 16 and they have been best friends ever since even though she does tend to spend all her money since she doesn't know the basic concept of how to save money.

Move Set: U/A
I don't really like getting into anything drama related if I can help it but I feel like I should spread the message about this as well. NekoYugito just recently submitted a journal and after I read it I felt like I should help spread the message.

A Message to the Pokemon Comic/Art CommunityCopied from the PRS tumblr:

I figured it was a matter of time before someone would complain about how I drew Naya in the story. It’s not the first time I’ve seen comments like this- but it is the first I’ve seen directed specifically at PRS, so I suppose it’s time I finally step up and say something on the subject. Let this be an open message to all fan-artists of any fandom.
Do not ever allow people to tell you how to draw your characters. Deviating from the official designs is not a bad thing, nor should it ever be considered so. Draw them how you want to- if that means adding some different traits or changing things up a bit- by all means, do so!
Going away from the original designs can be fun and give your Pokemon characters unique personality and make them more recognizable. I personally change up the traits of each

Please read this, and from me to all comic artists as well, do design however you want for your characters. Whatever your making, whether it is a comic or a written story you do, design them however you want. It helps give individuality and imagination. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with how pokemon look, but One thing that does kinda annoy me about Pokemon is how they ALL look the the same. There are only a few out in the world of Pokemon, whether it is the anime, manga, games, whatever form of media that there is a difference.

And I am not a fan of that. If you are, thats fine, but don't ever discourage others who want to have a different appearance in there characters. I know I'm saying a good portion of what the journal says as well, but I just cant stand people like in the message Neko got on Smackjeeves. It is wrong and stupid.

Dont ever listen to idiots like that, and be yourself. Draw/Write your characters like YOU want, not what the READERS demand. If a reader ever demands something, just either straight up say no, ignore them, or whatever. And if it gets any worse, report them.

Personally myself, i've never gotten anything like this (and hope I never do, but feel I will one day) But with all that said, have a good day, and if you could, please pass this message along to others. It needs to be said of how people like this is irritating.

Also James if you read this sorry but I stole what you typed hope that's okay if not I will take this down it's just you pretty much typed down what I wanted to say.




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